Sears Atlas II VRS (choose your options)

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  • Sears VRS 
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  • Sears Atlas II VRS (choose your options)
  • Sears Atlas II VRS (choose your options)
  • Sears Atlas II VRS (choose your options)
  • Sears Atlas II VRS (choose your options)
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Atlas II VRS - Magnetic Ride Control

Driver Recruitment and Retention

Having a Sears Atlas II ActiveVRS Magnetic Ride suspension seat in your cabs is a valuable driver recruitment tool and invaluable for driver retention. It can lower your drivers’ exposure to WBV, resulting in reduced fatigue, more precise visual acuity, improved awareness of surroundings, faster response times and ultimately, improved driver health.

ActiveVRS Suspension Seat Offers:

Improved vibration isolation, providing more comfort and less fatigue

Active magnetic damper system utilizes controller with integrated position sensor to adjust stiffness of ride

Reduce Exposure to WBV with the Sears Atlas II ActiveVRS Air Suspension Seat.  The ActiveVRS Air suspension seat incorporates an active magnetic ride suspension system that greatly reduces vibrations to the operator versus normal passive air suspension seats.  The heart of the system consists of an active magnetic damper and a controller with an integrated position sensor.

How It Works:

The ActiveVRS suspension also contains an air reservoir (tank) that lowers the natural frequency to reduce the vibrations, such as “chatter,” you get when driving on a road.  The suspension is calibrated when it leaves the factory, as we know the top and bottom of the suspension stroke (travel). As the suspension reacts to vibration inputs, the accelerometer (position sensor) senses the position of the stroke 750 times/second in relation to the top and bottom and how fast it is moving.

The controller then sends an electrical charge to the active magnetic damper. This electrical charge creates a magnetic field within the damper where it reacts with the magnetorheological (MR) fluid in the damper itself.

The MR fluid changes viscosity under this field and stiffens the ride, utilizing metal particles contained within the MR fluid.

Through ride testing at Sears Seating, the ActiveVRS Magnetic Ride suspension system reduces vibrations to the operator 45% better than a regular passive air suspension.

Standard Features:

  • Atlas II ToggleLink Active VRS Air Suspension® with flat floor riser 
  • Active VRS Damper System - Magnetic Ride
  • Molded boot/Bellow Cover
  • Atlas II “Stabilizer” double locking slides with 9” travel & fore/aft isolator
  • Atlas II seat top with “Comfort Zone” back frame structure
  • Contoured metal seat pan
  • Ergonomic 22” wide “luxury comfort” seat & back cushions
  • High-back
  • Seat cushion tilt – independent with 3 positions
  • Seat cushion extension – independent with 3 positions
  • Quad-chamber air lumbar – height adjustable
  • Recliner
  • “New style” control pods & recliner handle
  • Map pocket


  • Dual Arm rests
  • Heated Cushions
  • Upgrade to StowAway Armrest on one side



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Warranty Information

Sears Seating expressly warrants, to the original purchaser, that all structural seat components in the Atlas II and Sentry Series Suspension seats shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for five (5) years from date-of-purchase provided such seats are subject to normal use and receive proper maintenance. Sears Seating expressly warrants that each seat shall be free of defects in materials and workmanship, and that the cushions and seat covers (excluding Fabriform® cushions) shall be free from defectively sewn seams for a period of one (1) year or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first, excluding normal wear and tear.
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