Sears Seating

Sears Seating



We've got Sears seats in stock!  They are in the process of being photographed - but they are straight from the factory and ready to go!

2D311P4BSNSN Atlas II DLX - black leatherette
2D311PUBSNSN Atlas II DLX - grey leatherette
2D311P6BSNSN Atlas II DLX - black/grey leatherette
1A111M0BNNNN Sentry Black Cloth Paccar, Mack, Daimler
2D211X0BSNNN Atlas II PC Black Leatherette
2D211X1BSNNN Atlas II PC Gray Leatherette
2D511P6BBNSN Atlas II DLX Thermassage (SOLD OUT)
2D914NCBBNSN Atlas II DLX LE (heat/vent)

You can purchase below before we get them photographed.