Seat Specialists delivers your new seat(s) so you can avoid traveling and searching for a store that ultimately just has a few models in stock.  We are here to offer our expertise, our customer feedback and our best recommendations based on your seating needs.

How to we ship seats to our customers?

1) We ship LTL to commercial addresses.  These addresses must be verified commercial by LTL freight carriers.  This is often more than just a business being present.

2) We can arrange for a terminal pick up.  If your address is off the beaten path and not considered commercial, your best bet might be to have it delivered to a terminal near you.  For a small terminal fee, we work with you to find the terminal that meets your needs, arrange for a customer hold and notify you when your order is headed to the terminal so that you can track and plan your pick up.

3) If you have to deliver to a residential location, we are happy to arrange that for you.  Limited freight companies will allow this, which decreases the options available.  We are happy to provide you quoted residential rates and you can decide the best course of action.  We do not charge for this service, but be can be expensive.  Working with our experienced shipping team will find the best options.  Please note, you will need to cover the residential shipping fees that exceed what you have been charged for shipping. 

4) Limited Access and Farm locations may also incur an additional charge on top of commercial addresses.  These charges are the customer's responsibility when they exceed what has been charged for shipping.

When you are placing your order with Seat Specialists, please indicate the type of shipping address based on the selections available.  If the selection is incorrect, we will contact you to figure out the best next steps.

How do I know if my address is a commercial address?

Private carriers primarily service business locations. The vast majority of their work takes them to commercial and industrial districts of municipalities.  These areas are generally zoned commercial.

While they do deliver to residential areas, it's often outside of their normal routes.  Simply running a business in a residential zone, does not make it a commercial address.  An address in a residential zone is a residential address, regardless of the structure's actual use.

Here is a link to a Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI) provided by Smartystreets.  Check out the RDI returned for your address (scroll down to the meta data values and look for "RDI"



If your delivery driver is driving by private homes, dirt roads or google maps shows your location or surrounding location as a "home" with residence, you do not qualify for a commercial delivery rate.  We are happy to research the best solution for you upon receiving your order or contact us in advance at Request Shipping Quote.