Truck Seats for Kenworth

 Seat Specialists offers the largest selection of aftermarket truck seats designed to fit newer Kenworth truck models including the W990, T680, T880.  We also offer replacement aftermarket seats for Kenworth C500, W900L, T700, W800, T800B, T470, T2000, W900, T370, T270, T800, T600, W900B, T300, T660, K100, and T450.

We keep many seats in stock (including Bostrom, Gramg, Knoedler, Prime Seating and National seats) as well as provide customized seating direct from manufacturers.  Don't settle for a seat that meets only some of your needs - we can make sure that you get the right seat for YOU.

Please contact us at or (269) 692-5770 if you need guidance in selecting a seat.

Your comfort is our top priority.  Feel free to compare seats online and pick from our large inventory.  After you receive your seat, please come back and tell us what you think.  We are building the one stop for drivers to gather product information and feedback from other drivers and make confident purchases from wherever you are.

YOU DESERVE TO BE COMFORTABLE.  And we are the Seat Specialists that will help you.