Low Profile Truck Seats

Low Profile Truck Seats

Low Profile Truck Seats are great options when cab space is limited or you like to sit low.  Many low profile seats also restrick the stroke (amount the seat can go up with full air) to 3-4 inches.  This is not always true - in the case of the Prime Seating or Knoedler seats, the full stroke is maintained.

Bostrom Low Profile Seats have a different bolt pattern than the standard seats.  The bolt pattern is 7.87" or 6.29" from left to right and 15.35 from front to back.   Except for the new Bostrom Wide Ride II with Lo Profile.  This one has a standard mounting.  Please note that the Bostorm Wide Ride II sits higher than the tradition Wide Ride, starting at 15.2".  Most low profile seats are usually at about 12-13" to the top of the cushion.

The Knoedler Extreme Lowrider sits VERY low.  Starting at 8" from th floor to the top of the cushion.  If you are putting an Extreme Lowrider in a Class 8 truck, you will need to add a 1 inch adaptor to match the standard bolt pattern out there.  This seat is typicalled used for medium duty applications where space is really tight - but we know some drivers like to sit very low and this is a great option for them!

Seats Inc also has their Legacy LO truck seat, which also sits nice and low and needs the Class 8 adaptor as well.