Prevost Liberty Coach

Prevost Liberty Coach


If you are a Liberty Coach owner, you have invested in the premier manufacturer of Prevost motorcoach conversions, the finest luxury RVs in the world.   Your coach is an investment in your way of life, your comfort and needs to grow with you as you embark on longer trips and face unexpected challenges to being comfortable while sitting for long periods of time.

You may have become frustrated with the after market options in seating.  We have seen the RV blog posts.  People like you are looking for a solution.   Here are a couple of links to discussions about air ride seats in a Prevost Liberty Coach:

We are getting more and more inquiries about after marketing seating for motorhomes, luxury buses or high-end RVs.  You may have thought an air suspension seat was not necessary when you originally purchased your coach - or maybe the option was not even available at the time.

There seems to be an over arching worry..."The seats will not match my interior!".  We understand.  But let's clear that right up - some of the  manufacturers that we work with WILL DO CUSTOM MATERIAL.  There is no need to worry about not being able to find a seat that will match your interior.  When you work with Seat Specialists, we will guide you through this process.  We want our customers to be 100% satisfied and we will provide the one-on-one attention to provide you all the options.  

Here are our top recommendations below.  There are a lot of options but these are the seats that people are typically looking at when they wish to upgrade.  Call us today, we will guide you through the seat selection process.