Posture Support

Posture Support

Each truck seat manufacturer has their own approach to an Ergonomic seat.  Some add a lot of adjustments, others have specially contoured cushions.  One seat that stands out is the Knoedler Airchief that uses a foam called Probax by

Truck drivers confined to their seats for endless hours on the road are prone to back pain and injuries as well as stiffness.  Without proactive prevention, the result is reduced hours on the road, health issues and ultimately driver turnover. 

These issues arise since most foam based truck seats will allow the user to slump into a crumpled position rather than maintain an upright posture. This problem gets worse on long journeys and in high use vehicles resulting in increasing discomfort the longer the seat is occupied.  

A slumped posture also has a number of negative effects on the seat occupant:

  • Firstly, incorrect posture puts additional strain on the neck, shoulders and upper back. It also increases the pressure on the discs of the mid and lower back. These combined effects lead to muscle fatigue, cramps and further discomfort. 
  • Second, poor posture increases the distance between the head and the head-restraint with obvious health and safety implications. 
  • Finally, a slumped posture reduces blood flow and lung function in the seat occupant, increasing fatigue and reducing concentration levels.

The ProBax seating technology overcomes these issues by positioning the body in a more correct, more upright position allowing the spine to maintain its natural curvature.

The ProBax technology is contained entirely within the seat base. It contains no motors or devices so will not fail and there is no need for the driver to set, adjust or fiddle with any controls before driving. Instead ProBax relies on a patented advance in foam systems within the seat itself.

By encouraging an improved posture ProBax seats achieve greatly enhanced comfort levels – up to 80% preference over unmodified seats. 

ProBax removes the stresses and strains on the neck, shoulders and back, reducing muscle ache and fatigue. 

ProBax places the head of the seat occupant in a safer position closer to the head restraint  – and this position is maintained for longer, increasing safety throughout even the longest drive.  

The clinically proven improvements in blood flow and lung function achieved in a ProBax seat lower fatigue and increase concentration levels behind the wheel.

The improved posture induced by ProBax reduces fidgeting and the need to change position in the seat. As a result the integrity of the seat cushion is maintained for up to 20% longer. 

 ProBax meets all regulatory and safety requirements and will keep you alert, safe, comfortable and on the road.