Guide to Truck Seats

Let Seat Specialists be your guide to truck seats.  We offer the largest access to seat information, options and pricing than any other seat retailer or distributor.  

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Building a custom seat allows you personalize your seat.  There are a wide range of options such as arm styles, headrests, memory foam, heat, cooling, massage, genuine leather, synthetic leather, tweed, cloth, vinyl, back cycler, lumbar suport, bolster support, posture support, power features, cushion extension, cushion tilt...everything you need to build the seat that will match your exact needs. 

The best place to start is to determine the best seat height for your frame and cab dimensions.  Generally this will fall into one of 3 categories: Standard, Low profile or Medium duty seats.

Standard Truck Seats are the most common replacement for regular cab Class 8 trucks from Freightliner, International, Navistar, Western Star, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Volvo.  Standard Truck seats are those that have a full suspension stroke of 5-6" and sit anywhere from 14-17" without air.  Most seats conform to the standard bolt pattern (about 4.68" left to right and 12" front to back).  

Please note that a special adaptor plate is common for International trucks and Volvo Trucks.  Take a look at your current mounting pattern to ensure a proper fit.  We have the adaptor plates if you need them.

If you are looking for something that sits lower, take a look at the Low Profile Truck Seats.  Low Profile seats mean different things to different manufacturers, so make sure you check out the specifics.  But generally these seats will sit at 12-15" without air.  Some lower the riser height and give you the full 5-6" stroke (Knoedler Manufacturers and Prime Seating) and others lower both, so that you end up with a 3-4" stroke (Seats Inc and Bostrom Seating).  Lowprofile seats sometimes need an adaptor plate as well if you are replacing a high profile seat.  For example, Seats Inc carries and adaptor plate to install their Heritage or Legacy Lo into a Class 8 Standard OEM truck.  We put this information right on the product page so you wont forget!

We have met a lot of Ford, Dodge, Freightliner (M2), GMC Topkick and Chevy Kodiak owners that are looking for an better seat!  Take a look at the Medium Duty seats we offer to see options in both air suspension and luxurious bucket seats like the Excalibur.  The top air seat on the market is the Knoedler Extreme Lowrider.  This seat has it all - an ultra ergonomic seat combined with extreme low suspension with a stroke that you can define to suit your needs (how far up and down it does).  Even class 8 drivers who like to sit ULTRA low are putting these in their rigs.  

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The installer is solely responsible for use of any product in each application.