Knoedler Extreme Lowrider Air Suspension Seat for Sprinter (choose your options)

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  • Sprinter Application of Extreme Lowrider Seat
  • Knoedler Extreme Lowrider
  • Bolt Pattern of Swivel Adaptor plate
  • Extreme Lowrider With OverStuffed Option in Synthetic Leather
  • Extreme Lowrider With OverStuffed Option in Synthetic Leather
  • NEW Adjustable headrest upgrade - the top choice for neck and back comfort (view video below)
  • Knoedler Extreme Lowrider Air Suspension Seat for Sprinter (choose your options)
  • Knoedler Extreme Lowrider Air Suspension Seat for Sprinter (choose your options)
  • Knoedler Extreme Lowrider Air Suspension Seat for Sprinter (choose your options)
  • Knoedler Extreme Lowrider Air Suspension Seat for Sprinter (choose your options)
  • Knoedler Extreme Lowrider Air Suspension Seat for Sprinter (choose your options)
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Sprinter owners finally have an option for a luxury air suspension seat!  Available only through Knoedler Manufacturers, the Extreme Lowrider comes with integrated Compressor and Sprinter Adaptor plate to make installation easy.

The Knoedler Extreme Lowrider has a ride zone of 8.5"-12" and with a standard 3.5" suspension stroke in a mid-back style seat with headrest.  You can opt for a higher stroke if you have the room.  Added comforts are available such as heat, memory foam and massage.  

Buckle is mounted onto the adapter plate, and can be removed from the original Sprinter seat that comes with the vehicle.

"WARNING: Seat or adaptor is not designed for an Sprinter vehicle or together with the vehicle manufacturer. Install at your own risk. It is the responsibility of the installer to determine suitability for use of this product in each application. Seat can sit too high for occupant, which can result in serious head or other injury or death."

Standard Features:

  • Air-Chief Seat Upper – Ergonomic Cushions 
  • 20.5” Wide Soft Seat Cushion
  • Height Adjustable Headrest (can be removed)
  • FAS - Multi Chamber Air-Lumbar Support System (upper and lower lumbar and side bolsters)
  • Fore & Aft Slides
  • Heavy Duty Extreme Low Profile suspension system
  • 12v Integrated Compressor
  • Sprinter Adapter Plate (option available for mounting to Sprinter OEM or aftermarket swivel +$50).


  • ICP Bar
  • 'Fingertip control' front adjustable armrests
  • Heat 
  • Cool 
  • Massage (4 programs in seat back and cushion) 
  • Memory Foam 
  • Please note there is no bellow/suspension cover with this seat due to the low profile.
  • Double stitching in Accent colors 
  • Available in Vinyl, Velour, Matrix Textile, Synthetic Leather, Genuine Leather  
knoedler-genuine-leather.png      knoedler-synthetic-leather.png
knoedler-tweeds.png      knoedler-velour.png
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Warranty Information

Knoedler Manufacturers Canada, Ltd. (Knoedler) warrants that each new Knoedler 9800 Series Seats and accessories (except Cushions, Shrouds and Armrests) supplied by Knoedler shall be free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of three (3) years or the first 500,000 miles of operation, whichever occurs first, to the original purchaser. Knoedler will replace or repair any parts which, in the opinion of Knoedler, have shown to have such a defect. Adjustments to be made on a pro-rated basis (1st year = 100%, 2nd year = 80%, 3rd Year = 60%). Knoedler's responsibility shall not exceed the original price of the defective item. This limited warranty shall be void if, in the opinion of Knoedler, any one of the following conditions exist: 1. The Knoedler seat or accessories have been reworked or modified without prior written permission from Knoedler. 2. The Knoedler seat has been accidentally damaged or subjected to abuse. 3. The Knoedler seat is improperly installed resulting in abnormal use. 4. Warranty does not apply to Air Valves that must be replaced due to broken stems, or leakage caused by contami- nation such as foreign particles or obstructions. 5. Warranty does not apply to Air Springs which must be replaced due to punctures or cuts caused by improper inflation. 6. Warranty does not apply if Knoedler original parts have been substituted with other parts. Knoedler makes no other express warranty and offers no remedy except as herein described. Knoedler disclaims any liability for incidental and consequential damages, to the fullest extent permitted by law, resulting from breach of any express or implied warranty with respect to the Knoedler product covered by this limited warranty. KNOEDLER MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, INCLUDING IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND OF MERCHANTABILITY. This warranty gives you specific legal rights pursuant to Knoedler's Terms and Conditions of Sale. In order for this Warranty to become effective, the purchaser must either (1) complete and mail within first ten (10) days of operation the Knoedler Air Chief Warranty Registration Card to below address, or (2) fill out the Warranty Registration online at Knoedler Manufacturers Canada, Ltd. 3250 1ere Rue St Hubert, QC J3Y 8Y5, Canada Defective materials must be returned for inspection to Knoedler's plant, 3250 1ere Rue, St Hubert, QC J3Y 8Y5 (Canada) freight prepaid before a warranty claim will be approved for payment. Failure to give prompt written notice within thirty (30) days of discovery of any defect in Material or Workmanship which occurs within the warranty period will void this policy. Send such notification to: Knoedler Manufacturers Canada, Ltd 3250 1ere Rue, St Hubert, QC J3Y 8Y5, Canada Attn: Warranty
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Additional Information

Cushion Height:
8.5- 12" Mid Ride: 10.25"
Cushion Width:
Low profile air suspension, 3.5" stroke
Base Features:
Mid back with adjustable headrest
Armrests, memory foam, heat, cool, massage
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5 Reviews

  • 4
    Great seat overall, some fit and finish issues

    Posted by Dieselfumes on Apr 15th 2016

    These seats are great replacements for the regular Sprinter seats. We installed them in a 2015 van. We have several thousand miles on them now and they are very comfortable.

    The factory seat belt mounts bolt on to the seat base (you'll need new nuts and bolts for this) and work well. The only difference from stock is that the belt mounting points are attached to the base, not the seat, so they don't move forward and backward with the seat. This hasn't caused an issue for us.

    The seat heater pads are HOT. We can only run them on the low setting otherwise they hurt! The disappointing thing about the seats is that the heater pads show through the leather. The wires and attachment points create visible lumps in the seat base and back. You can't feel them when you sit down, but you can see them.

    The upgraded head rests work well. They allow a lot of adjustment, especially for smaller (5'4") occupants. However, ours were loose and needed to be tightened up before we could use them properly. It's only 4 bolts per headrest, but you need to take the leather cover off to get to the bolts.

    When we received the seats, some of the air hose connectors were leaking slightly. They are the push-to-connect style and the hoses probably got pulled during transit. It looks like we've mainly stopped the leaks, but the seats still lose air over time.

    If you are thinking of using swivels with these seats, it will work but you will need the lower seat bases from Mercedes. We ordered part numbers A9069107300 and A9069107900 at around $200 each online. In fact, you might even want these lower bases even if you are NOT using swivels. The seats sit very high - especially with no weight in them - and they give better suspension performance in the middle of their height setting than if you put them at the bottom of their setting.

    You can read more about our install at

    Note: if you have a 2016+ Sprinter with air bags in the seats, you'll need to find a way to defeat the air bag sensor. These seats do NOT have air bags, so the dash light will come on and stay on.

  • 5
    Very Good!

    Posted by B on Feb 26th 2016

    I really love the seat, and it makes the truck more drivable

  • 5
    Very Comfortable - Does what it's suppose to do

    Posted by D on Feb 26th 2016

    Really like the air ride sack, but it has the tendency to not hold air over long time. There were no challenges when I installed it. Only thing I would change is the recline lever. It is cheap and broke the first day, I recommend it being metal not plastic.

  • 5
    No Complaints!

    Posted by M on Feb 26th 2016

    Seat is working good and is still durable after two years.

  • 5
    Very Great Seat

    Posted by B on Feb 23rd 2016

    I have lower back problems and this seat helps alleive pain, because it's very comfortable. Favorite feature is the air suspension. I had some difficulties with installing, so I had someone do it and at the end everything turned out great.

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