Knoedler Air Chief Seat (choose your options)

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Air Chief
Air Chief
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  • Knoedler Air Chief with FAS
  • Knoedler Air Chief with FAS
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  • Air Chief Suspension
  • Knoedler Air Chief Truck Seat
  • Knoedler Dual Adjustable Arms
  • Knoedler Mid back style with headrest
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  • Knoedler Air Chief Features
  • Knoedler Headrest styling 2019
  • Knoedler Air Chief Adjustable headrest upgrade - the top choice for neck and back comfort (view video below)
  • Knoedler Air Chief Seat (choose your options)
  • Knoedler Air Chief Seat (choose your options)
  • Knoedler Air Chief Seat (choose your options)
  • Knoedler Air Chief Seat (choose your options)
  • Knoedler Air Chief Seat (choose your options)
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The Knoedler Air Chief line offers a customizable seat to meet the individual needs of drivers rather than a one seat fits all solution.  All seats come standard with the following features:

  • Upper and Lower Air Adjustable lumbar
  • Color Definition
    • Single color with accent double stitching in contrasting or common color
    • Two-toned with accent double stitching in contrasting or common color
  • Bellow Cover
  • Isolator with Lock Out Option
  • 3-Position Seat Cushion Elongation Adjustment
  • No-Step Continuous Adj. Recline Mechanism
  • Comfort Seat Belt Wear Mount
  • Fore & Aft Slides
  • Poly-Dynamic Air-Suspension - combines the “isolator suspension” (fore & aft suspension) with the “air-suspension” system (vertical suspension).
    • Improved performance as both directions of the suspension are coherently integrated and therefore work together as one.
    • Increased Comfort: Because the ICP’s (Inter Connecting Points) of the lower 2 seat-belt-mounting points move with both the vertical suspension and the isolator suspension during normal operation. And therefore there are no relative movements between the seat belt and the body of the seat occupant.  This drastically improves the seat belt wearing comfort and therefore automatically encourages seat belt use.
    • Less moving parts which directly result in more stability and longer life cycles.
    • Less noise: No rattling of the slide mechanism.

 To best fit a driver, it is very important that the seat cushion is at the optimal height.  There are two main options in this seat line (and if you want one even lower, check out the Extreme Lowrider):

  • Low Base: 13"-18.5"  Mid Ride: 16"
  • Standard Base: 14.5-21"  Mid Ride: 18"

The Stroke (up/down travel of the suspension) is set at the factory with options at 3", 4", 5.5" or 7".  Generally, the standard stroke is set to 5.5" and matches the low-high points listed above but if you prefer a different stroke height there is no additional charge.

The seat cushion has two width options: 20.5" and 23".  There are some additional options (such as Probax) that are only available in the 20.5" cushion.  Most drivers prefer the 20.5" standard cushion which is built up ergonomically on the sides to contour the seat and remove pressure from the tailbone.

How is your posture in your seat?  Do you have increased fatigue, poor circulation or numbness in your legs?  If any of these are true, adding Probax to the 20.5" cushion is an important upgrade to consider.  Probax changes the drivers posture in the seat, bring along health and safety benefits that are critical to the longevity of a driver's career.

In addition, if you are frequently in and out of the cab, the proper posture position allows you to recover quicker after exertion outside of the cab.

Probax does so much for your posture that additional lumbar adjustments are most likely not necessary but you can choose to add adjustable air back bolsters to the seat.  These are expandable air bags on the side that hug you into the seat for added stability and support on the roads curves and turns.

slumped-spine-thumbnail.jpg  upright-spine-thumbnail.jpg

The benefits of a mid back style seat with headrest is the flexibility it gives you to drive with no obstruction and improved visual awareness of everything around you.  Knoedler offers a simple up/down adjustable headrest as well as a more advanced head rest that has several positions available for your optimal comfort, as shown below:


Additional options include:

  • Dual Chamber Side Air Bolsters in back cushion that hug you into the seat
  • Massage (4 programs in seat back and cushion)
  • Heat
  • Heat and Cool
  • Gel pad in seat (not to be combined with other comfort features)
  • Memory Foam (1" layer)
  • Probax Posture Correcting Foam insert.  Positioned in the seat cushion to provide support to sit-bone pressure points. 
  • Standard Headrest, No headrest for a Mid back seat or Advanced Headrest
  • Fingertip controlled adjustable armrests (or left/right only armrest)
  • Wider Seat Cushion base.  Expand from 20.5" to 23" from side to side
  • Pneumatic swivel 180 degrees to left or right (adds approximately 2" to the top of seat cushion height)
  • Controls on left or right
  • Standard or Heavy Duty Suspension (rough road conditions or 350+lb drivers)
  • Stroke - Suspension Travel Height
  • Mixed Fabric Selection (combine synthetic leather outside panels with Mordura inside panels)
  • Map Pocket
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Warranty Information

[S]Armrests=No Arms,[S]Foam Adjustment System=Triple chamber air lumbar support (standard),[S]Cushion Options=20.5" Cushion with Gel pad in center,[C]Remove Bellow=Yes,[S]Heat/Cool=None,[S]Riser=2.5" riser 14.5" from floor to top of standard cushion
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Additional Information

Cushion Height:
15-21" Mid Ride: 18"
Cushion Width:
20.5" or 23" (option)
X-type air suspension with isolator (and lock out), 6" stroke
Base Features:
Mid back with adjustable headrest, upper & lower adjustable air lumbar, adjustable bolster support, 3 position cushion adjustment, ICP bar moves with the seat for greater seat belt comfort.
Armrests, memory foam, probax foam, heat, cool, massage, swivel, wide seat cushion
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4 Reviews

  • 5
    Air Chief Seat

    Posted by Robert Ernst on May 20th 2020

    Beautiful seat ! Well constructed, soft leather that contours to your body. The seat is very comfortable. I am looking forward to many years of service from this seat.

  • 5
    Awesome Seat

    Posted by Steven D Standley on Aug 4th 2019

    I waited awhile to post my review because I wanted some miles on it. So far I have 15,000 miles on it & it gets better every day. I bought the Knoedler Air Chief with 1” riser to make it an Extreme low rider.
    The color is Ultra Leather outer panel of Canyon 533-3825
    Knoedler Synthetic Leather inner panel of Tan with Gold/Yellow accent thread. I chose colors that make me smile every time I look at the seat. I use a good leather cleaner/conditioner on it to keep it looking great.

    Probax standard size Cushion
    FAS system
    Advanced adjustable headrest
    Heat & Cool
    6” Stroke
    Controls on the left

    This went into a 2018 Western Star car hauler that had a Bostrom Wide Ride that broke down several times along with sending me to the chiropractor.

    This seat is incredible. Having massage in the seat, low & mid back is perfect. You can adjust the intensity, the speed. You can isolate which area to use or you can cycle them thru with speed & intensity.

    The multi adjustable headrest is phenomenal. All seats should have this. It does the standard up & down BUT then it works like your wrist & hand. You can tilt it to various positions like your wrist. You can open it to various positions like your fingers to your palm.

    The seat base required to bolt to class 8 truck is good & stout. The base on this seat is wider than regular seats so you don’t get the tilt in the seat when you lean sideways. It uses a stout adapter plate to get to the floor holes.

    The only small downside is they don’t make longer armrests. But that’s no buggy I just bought an armrest buddy & slipped it on.

    Don’t hesitate on buying this seat.

  • 5

    Posted by Doug bachman on May 31st 2019

    Amazing, Very comfortable seat.
    Love the lumbar support. Syn leather is very nice as well.

  • 5
    Excellent Seat, Well Built

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 30th 2016

    I had a Bostrom Wide II and was having major back pain. After changing to the Knoedler I have felt a major change in reducing the back pain. Very well built and comfortable.

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