National Seating 231141 Standard 15 inch Armrest

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231141- Armrest
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National Standard 15" armrests

National Seating armrests are designed to take the harsh loads and use of heavy duty trucking. With a simple and fast acting ratcheting operation you can easily adjust the armrests to various angles to suit your comfort preferences.

National Seating offers a very large variety of armrests. There are five basic variations:

  • Standard 15" long armrests (listed here)
  • Narrow Mount 15" long armrests
  • Wide Mount 15" long armrests (adds second hole to enable mounting in standard position or wider position which provides 1.5" more room between arms)
  • Long 17" long armrests (provides both wide and standard mount options (2 holes) and is the longest armrest)

The 4 types are interchangeable physically on National Seating seats that accept armrests. They all share a common arm thickness. The narrow, standard, and wide are all the same length. Use of a standard, wide, or long arm on an 18" seat will potentially leave a gap between the arm and back due to longer mounting tubes.

Most National Seating seats utilize the standard 15" long arms. The wide mount 15" and long 17" are newer and are becoming more common. Both of these have two mounting holes to position the arm in either standard width position or wide width, which provides 1.5" more room between the armrests. So you can choose to mount one or both in standard or wide to adjust to personal preferences.


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