National Premium MD Series

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  • National Premium MD Series
  • National Premium MD Series
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Give your light or medium duty truck the style and comfort of a heavy truck with the Premium MD series from National Seating. With genuine leather or top quality mordura cloth top good options and features like air lumbar and bolsters, these seats deliver features not often found in many of the vehicles these seats are designed to fit.  The MD family of seats are designed specifically to safely mount to many vehicles utilizing different suspension & riser kits, sold as an add-ons below. The lopro cushion ensures proper h-point alignment by reducing the sitting height of the occupant to the correct position to ensure a safe position.

The model 00334 and model 00452 are identical in build in all aspects except one, the inclusion of the Chugger-Snubber isolator on the 00334. Depending on which vehicle you operate the isolator version can be used and helps reduce any fore-aft chugging from vehicle operation, hence the name Chugger-Snubber. The MD series also comes in the less refined Standard MD series, also with or without the Chugger-Snubber isolator.

  • Air adjustable lumbar support with 3 independently adjustable chambers
  • Air adjustable bolster support in cushion & back, each independently adjustable
  • Ergonomic hi back 21" x 30"
  • Ergonomic lopro cushion 20" x 20"
  • Continuous recline from 6 to 23 degrees
  • Cushion extension adjustment for proper thigh support
  • Front cushion tilt adjustment
  • Rear cushion tilt adjustment
  • Track with 7" fore-aft travel
  • Optional right or left standard 15" armrests
  • Available in genuine leather or mordura cloth

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Warranty Information

Manufacturer Warranty: 7 year and 1 million miles (does not include upholstery or cushions). 1 year and 100,000 mile reimbursement for removal and installation of defective parts
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6 Reviews

  • 4
    MD seat

    Posted by Eric Morrison on Dec 7th 2021

    Seat is great. I can drive for 10 hrs and feel the same as when I first sat down

  • 4
    Nice seat for my Fuso

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 21st 2017

    I purchased this seat, along with the suspension kit for a 1999 and up Ford to install in my Fuso FE series box truck.

    The seat workmanship is high quality, and I've found no defects as of yet. Had the seat a week or so now, and for the most part it's very comfortable. I had the optional armrest installed, and thank god. It's definitely nice to have, and very adjustable as well. The seat is fully adjustable, with it's base and back, side bolsters can be pumped up,a s well as 3 places in the lumbar area to really dial in what you want for support. Very good, indeed.

    The real issue is that the suspension kit, although only 4" tall, is a bit oversized for the truck it's in. Granted, it wasn't designed for this truck, it serves me well. I wish it would dampen a bit more (meaning the shock was a bit stiffer), as when the air is not to it's full inflation, the seat will bottom out on moderate to large bumps. It's not at it's full inflation because when it is, there isn't enough headroom in the truck to drive the truck without hitting your skull on the roof. Caught between a rock and hard place, but that's because again, it wasn't originally designed for this truck.

    Does the seat do what it is intended to do ? Yes. It's a dramatic improvement over the stock seat.

    Would I buy it again ? Yes. In a heartbeat. Again, the workmanship on the seat itself is very good.

    Am I happy ? Absolutely. I just wish the seat was a little lower.

  • 5
    Great value!

    Posted by Carey on Mar 1st 2017

    I've driven many miles on other air seats but this one is more comfortable and has more settings than those that were more expensive. Save your back from needless pain and get this seat!

  • 3
    Comfortable but hard to hook up.

    Posted by B on Feb 17th 2016

    The seat's shape was very comfortable. I did have some problems hooking up the air because the lumbar was in the way. It may have been defective, or simply wrong size.

  • 5
    Loved the seat

    Posted by D on Feb 17th 2016

    The seat is very durable, specially the fabric is easy to clean since I'm in farmwork. The most important aspect is how comfortable this seat is, the lumbar makes a big difference.

  • 5
    Great replacement seat for the factory bucket seat in my 2007 Dodge 3500 4-door flatbed hotshot truck

    Posted by Ralph on Mar 2nd 2013

    The seat fits great, the compressor will have to be installed under the back seat, as no room under the National seat itself. All brackets provided made it a bolt in easy job.
    Love the comfort of an air ride suspension seat!!! I'm 6ft 4in so I'm sitting a little high but I'm used to now!

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