National EZ-Aire Series (air source or hand pump)

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  • National EZ-Aire Series (air source or hand pump)
  • National EZ-Aire Series (air source or hand pump)
  • National EZ-Aire Series (air source or hand pump)
  • National EZ-Aire Series (air source or hand pump)
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If you are looking for the comfort of an air ride suspension seat but don't have organic air supply on your vehicle National Seating's EZ-Aire system is the perfect solution. Add-on compressors can be costly and difficult to install. In addition many are distractingly noisy when running. The EZ-Aire system solves all of this with a simple design that does the job right.

EZ-Aire is a hand pump system which places air in the suspension to provide air ride comfort. With just a few pumps on the handle you get the suspension up and ready for your ride. The EZ-Aire series hi back utilizes a specialized version of National's model 95 air suspension which is known for its durability and low cost of ownership. Quality comfort at your fingertips.

The upper of the EZ-Aire series hi back utilizes the top selling seat structure in the truck industry which is ergonomically designed from studies of over 2,000 drivers and covered with high quality and comfortable top goods.


  • Model 95 air suspension with 6" travel
  • Chugger-Snubber isolator
  • EZ-Aire self-contained air supply system
  • Your back height selection:
    • Ergonomic hi back 21" x 30"
    • Ergonomic mid back 21" x 23"
    • Ergonomic lo back 21" x 18"
  • Ergonomic cushion 21" x 20"
  • Manual adjustable lumbar support
  • Fixed bolster support in back & cushion
  • Continuous recline from 6 to 23 degrees
  • Track with 7" of fore-aft travel
  • Cushion extension adjustment for proper thigh support
  • Optional dual standard 15" armrests
  • Available in mordura cloth or vinyl


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Warranty Information

Manufacturer Warranty: 7 year and 1 million miles (does not include upholstery or cushions). 1 year and 100,000 mile reimbursement for removal and installation of defective parts
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4 Reviews

  • 5
    Good service & good product!!

    Posted by John Vriend on Feb 2nd 2018

    Sales rep was very helpful, and service was A1. Excellent product. Will do business with them in the future!! New seat just bolted in place of old seat. Ride is very comfortable.

  • 5
    Very Comfrotable Seat

    Posted by J on Feb 22nd 2016

    Working beautiful, I have had no complaints from my workers.

  • 4
    Great support but not durability

    Posted by L on Feb 19th 2016

    Favorite feature was how easy it was to manually operate. I liked the seat and the support the arm rest gave me, but it is not as durable since the right arm rest broke.

  • 5
    EZ Aire

    Posted by Daniel Boulet on Mar 28th 2014

    Recently purchased this EZ Aire Hi Back seat for my school bus. It was not an air brake bus, therefore this seat was perfect since it doesn't require an air tank / compressor. Just unbolt original seat, and bolt in new one. Took less than an hour. Attach pump, air it up to your ride height and go.

    Only thing I wish it had a way to release air from the seat so you could lower the height for another driver. Only way is to remove air line, then re-pump. If you're the only driver, it's no issue.

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