Seat Specialists response to COVID-19

Response to COVID-19

Our main priority is the health and safety of our team members and customers.

We’re following sanitization protocol in our offices, where surfaces are being disinfected and supplies, such as hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes, are readily available to all employees. We’re also limiting visitors and allowing associates to work remotely when possible and appropriate, in addition to encouraging everyone to follow CDC guidelines for protecting themselves and those around them.

With all this going on, please know that we’re doing everything we can to give accurate expected turn around times and fulfill orders as quickly as possible. However, you may encounter longer lead times.  We contact each customer when an order is placed to give you the most up-to-date information on expected delivery times.  We will accept order cancellation within 24 hours of an order being placed if the delivery time communicated to you is not acceptable.

We apologize for this situation and we appreciate your patience during this time.  We will work to keep you as updated as possible.

We will keep this page updated with new information as necessary. 

We wish health and happiness to you and your family!

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we encourage you to buy from our in stock inventory. Some of our suppliers will need to shut down their assembly lines to keep their employees safe. To provide you with the best turn around time, please check on what is in stock before custom ordering. We will still place all custom orders, once assembly factories re-open and we will keep you up to date on your order status. Thank you!

Mar 16th 2020 Seat Specialists

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