Introducing the Extreme Lowrider for Sprinter

Knoedler Manufacturers makes one of the lowest profile suspension seats suited for tight installations in the Class 8 and Medium Duty.  Knoedler has fitted the Extreme Lowrider with an integrated compressor and Sprinter adaptor plate options to enable use in the driver or passenger position of the Sprinter.  The seat requires a 12v connection, which can be threaded up though the center of the plate.

Knoedler has two adaptor plate options:  standard plate and one that mounts to the factory supplied swivel.  The solution on top of the factory swivel is the ONLY solution of it's kind in the aftermarket air suspension seat market.

The Extreme Lowrider has extensive fabric, color and comfort options that include memory foam, heating, cooling, massage.  The seat has adjustable lower and upper air lumbar as well as adjustable bolsters in the sides of the seat back for ultimate comfort and aid in prevention of back fatigue.

You can find more information, pricing and online configuration of the Knoedler Extreme Lowrider here:

Knoedler Extreme Lowrider for Sprinter

The installer takes complete responsibility for the installation of this seat.  

1st Feb 2015 Jen Ross

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