Knoedler Extreme Lowrider for Dodge - 12v compressor Heat Tan ultra leather

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The Knoedler Extreme Lowrider has a ride zone of 8.5"-12" and with a 3.5" suspension stroke (this can be modified before shipping) in a mid-back style seat with headrest.  Added comfort of heat!

The Extreme Lowrider is a candidate for many smaller cab configurations - HOWEVER, there are limitations and height clearances that need to be considered.  If you are exceptionally tall, please carefully consider the height of the seat before purchasing.  Please feel free to give us a call to discuss clearance from the driver's head to the top of the cab as well as thighs to steering wheel.

The Extreme Lowrider should never be used to replace an ISS (Integrated Seat Belt System seat).

Standard Features:

  • Air-Chief Seat Upper – Ergonomic Cushions 
        o        20.5” Wide Soft Seat Cushion
        o        Height Adjustable Headrest (can be removed)
        o        Multi Chamber Air-Lumbar Support System
        o        No-Step Continuous Adj. Recline Mechanism 
        o        Fore & Aft Slides
  • Heavy Duty Extreme Low Profile suspension system
  • PLEASE NOTE there is NO BELLOW COVER on the Extreme Lowrider due to the low profile nature of the seat.

 Options Included

  • No armrests
  • 12v Compressor
  • Heat
  • Tan Ultra Leather
  • Isolator
  • ICP Bar added
  • Dodge Truck Adaptor

If you would like a different adaptor, please give us a call at (269) 841-4333 to arrange for the proper adaptor.


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Warranty Information

Manufactured in 2020 - full warranty applies.
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Additional Information

Cushion Height:
8.5- 12" Mid Ride: 10.25"
Cushion Width:
Low profile air suspension, 3.5" stroke
Base Features:
Mid back with adjustable headrest
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