Knoedler Air Chief (Low ride, Heated, ProBax, Synthetic leather)

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98LR-L82MHOS06 H(730130-000) In Stock
98LR-L82MHOS06 730130-000
In Stock
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  • Knoedler Air Chief (Low ride, Heated, ProBax, Synthetic leather)
  • Knoedler Lowrider Air Chief
  • Knoedler Lowrider Air Chief



The Knoedler Air Chief adds adjustable bolster support to its mid back seat with adjustable headrest, adjustable lower and uper lumbar.  It is an x-type air suspension seat with isolator lock out.  It provides a full 6" suspension stroke with 1" riser to get you to a standard height.   As with all Knoedler 9800 seats, the ICP bar moves with the seat to prevent belt tightening when the isolator is engaged.  Design your own perfectly configured seat with all the enhancement that you could ask for.

Standard Features:

  • Low Riding - Poly-Dynamic Air-Suspension - combines the “isolator suspension” (fore & aft suspension) with the “air-suspension” system (vertical suspension).
    • Improved performance as both directions of the suspension are coherently integrated and therefore work together as one.
    • Increased Comfort: Because the ICP’s (Inter Connecting Points) of the lower 2 seat-belt-mounting points move with both the vertical suspension and the isolatior suspension during normal operation. And therefore there are no relative movements between the seat belt and the body of the seat occupant.This drastically improves the seat belt wearing comfort and therefore automatically encourages seat belt use.
    • Less moving parts which directly result in more stability and longer life cycles.
    • Less noise: No rattling of the slide mechanism.
  • Air-Chief Seat Upper – Ergonomic Cushions 
  • 20.5”  Soft Seat Cushion
  • Height Adjustable Headrest (can be removed)
  • Multi Chamber Air-Lumbar Support System
  • 3-Position Seat Cushion Elongation Adjustment
  • No-Step Continuous Adj. Recline Mechanism
  • Comfort Seat Belt Wear Mount.
  • Fore & Aft Slides
  • 'Fingertip control' front adjustable armrests
  • Probe
  • Heat
  • Red Synthetic Leather
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Manufacturer Warranty. Seats manufactured 2019
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