KAB 525 Heavy Duty Mechanical Suspension Black/grey Cloth - no arms or headrest

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Full Seat Assembly Heavy Duty Mechanical Suspension Black and Grey Cloth

- 3.94 In. (100 mm) suspension stroke Weight range

- 110-330 Lbs. (50-150 Kg.) heavy-duty Seat adjustment

- 1.97 In. (50 mm) height adjustment - 7.9 In. (200 mm) fore / aft

- 68 degree incline and 22 degree recline backrest

Luxurious black and grey cloth cover

Does not include Headrest, armrest, and seatbelt.

Installation may vary from vehicle to vehicle. Some vehicles could have been previously modified by the owner/operator and may not be consistent with OEM specifications. Always check the current seat installation to assure; ´ This seat meets EM specifications to assure the safest working environment ´ The seat will fit within the cab of the vehicle ´ The SIP (Seat Index Point) is within close proximity to the current seat ´ Voltage of the vehicle is congruent with the seat if it is an air suspension ´ All features and accessories needed are installed or purchased along with the seat as a kit


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Warranty Information

KAB Seating has a 12 month warranty for all its off highway vehicle seating.
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