GRAMAG Quest Select Truck Seat

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GRA-MAG Select
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  • Gramag Select in Black Cloth
  • Gramag Select in Grey Cloth
  • Quest Gramag Select Color Options
  • Quest Gramag Select Color Options
  • The Quest Select seat uses Haptic Perception, which is the process of recognizing objects/function through touch
  • The Quest Select truck seat has comfort features that allow each driver to tune the seat to their own comfort level.
  • The Quest truck seat has an over the center suspension to best support the comfort of the driver.  The suspension moves with the seat's fore/aft movement.
  • The Quest Seat riser has a common 12" front to back bolt pattern.
$1,109.00 - $1,199.00


The Quest Select has all the features of the Quest Standard but adds an adjustable shock absorber in a high back configuration, adjustable armrests, quick down with memory reset and optional heat.

The Quest seat is the newest seat to enter the aftermarket seating landscape.  The focus is on increased comfort, reliability and ease of use.  

The Quest seat uses Haptic Perception, which is the process of recognizing objects/function through touch.  Each button has a unique shape or feel that allows the driver to execute the function without taking their eyes off the road.  

The Over Center Suspension fully supports the driver, as the whole suspension moves with the fore/aft movement of the seat.  This provides ultimate comfort for the driver and reduces driver fatigue no matter where the seat is positioned.

Having trouble with "topping or bottoming out"?  The Quest seat has a Protected Ride Zone of 1.5" of stroke reserved at the highest and lowest seat position to cushion a rapid upward or downward motion that takes the jarring sensation away from the driver.



  • Weight rated up to 330lb
  • Over Center Suspension
  • 1.5" Protected Ride Zone to combat topping and bottoming out
  • Manual Height Adjustment
  • 16 Degree Seat Angle Adjustment - 5 position seat pan tilt
  • Fore-Aft Isolator
  • Air Lumbar
  • 50 degree Back Angle Adjustment
  • Bellow suspension cover
  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Adjustable Shock Absorber
  • Quick Down with Memory Reset


  • Adjust height by pushing button up or down to desired seat position 
  • Move headrest up and down to adjust to your neck height and comfort
  • Turn wheel to desired angle for armrests
  • Lift handle to tilt the seat cushion and back 16 degrees
  • Lift handle to slide seat forward to extend cushion length
  • Push down to unlock isolator to cushion fore-aft movement or push up to lock out isolator
  • Pull handle up to move the seat forward or aft
  • Press switch to adjust upper lumbar support
  • Pull up on handle to adjust the seat back angle by 50 degrees
  • Move lever forward for firm shock absorber or to the rear for soft shock absorber.
  • Push button down to memorize position and release all air.  Press again ro return to original position


  • Heat
  • Low Riser Kit (AFT-20005)



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Warranty Information

1 year on Trim, Foam and Armrests 3 years on Structure and Parts
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