The Topkick/Kodiak requires a Ultra Low Profile Seat that can be selected from a variety of aftermarket truck seat manufacturers.  Tighter cabs require a lextreme low profile seat, and potentially adaptor plate or bracket work to mount the sesat on the cab floor.

Seat Specialists offers seats from the top manufacturers and continues to grow the selection based on user reviews and information in the market place.  If you do not find the information that you are looking for, feel free to contact us.  Always assess the fit of a seat to your truck, as your individual cab may be modified or require a special adaptor plate.  Installation of a new truck seat is at the sole discretion of the installer.

  • Knoedler Low profile suspension seat, the Extreme Lowrider

    Knoedler Extreme Lowrider Air Suspension Seat (choose your options)

    Knoedler Manufacturers

    Your Price: 2,221.96CAD - 2,839.53CAD
    The Knoedler Extreme Lowrider has a ride zone of 8.5"-12" and with a 3.5" suspension stroke in a mid-back style seat with headrest.  Added comforts are available such as heat, memory foam and massage.  If you are installing your Extreme...
    Your Price: 2,221.96CAD - 2,839.53CAD
  • National Premium MD Series

    National Premium MD Series

    National Seating

    Your Price: 707.63CAD - 1,453.86CAD
    Give your light or medium duty truck the style and comfort of a heavy truck with the Premium MD series from National Seating. With genuine leather or top quality mordura cloth top good options and features like air lumbar and bolsters, these seats... or
    Your Price: 707.63CAD - 1,453.86CAD
  • Excalibur Truck Replacement Seat

    SSI - Excalibur


      The Excalibur truck seat is an extremely comfortable seat for medium to light duty trucks Each excalibur seat comes with an inside arm.  The outside arm is optional and typically does not fit in medium to light duty applications.  The...
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