Medium Duty Truck Seats

Medium Duty Truck Seats

Medium Duty Trucks like Fords, Dodges, Topkicks and Kodiaks are a challenge for suspension seating but we have found some answers for you!  The National MD series gives you a standard or premium upper with a suspension specific to the make and model of your truck.  These seats can be built out on our website so that you can see what the pieces will cost.  A compressor is optional and a single compressor is enough for 2 seats.

The Knoedler Extreme Lowrider is also a very popular seat for medium duty vehicles.  There are a few adaptors available but it is best to take a look at a technical diagram of the seat and ensure fit.  You may need an installer to help deal with the mounting of the seat if you are dealing with anything other than a flat surface.

A new line from Superior Seats offers luxury uppers on power bases or suspension bases.  Please call us about this line of seats and we will discuss the options available.

Please make sure that your vehicle does not have an integrated seat belt (that's a belt that comes through the seat and is not attached to the wall in any way).  These seats can only be replaced by the original manufacturer.

Also, please consult your truck literature about Air Bag sensors.  Replacement seats DO have sensors.